Digital Dental X-Rays Known As Examining The Patients Tooth Health

Digital dental X-rays are much more detailed and effective in diagnosing tooth maladies than the standard film x-rays used in past, traditional general dentistry. This procedure is also known as radiography, and is a preferred method of examining patient tooth health here at Suzhou Junwei Medical Instrument Co., Ltd.
Digital dental X-rays are taken using a special radiography system. It first captures an image of your teeth, and then transmits it almost instantaneously to a full-color computer monitor. This allows you to see a live, close-up video feed of your own teeth while you sit in the dental chair. Your dentist will examine your mouth very carefully, pointing out findings as the process continues. There is no need to wait for images to develop, and everything can be done while you sit in the dental chair.
Digital dental X-rays look very similar to traditional X-ray images, but they are 400 percent larger. The radiography system is computer controlled, so the dentist can use a mouse to click on images of anything in your mouth and zoom in on it. A single tooth can be magnified, its image rotated and sharpened. It can even be colorized to make it look more natural to you, the patient, in order to give you a more clear understanding of what the dentist is looking at and provide you with a visual frame of reference as the dentist discusses any problems and recommended treatment options.