jaw crusher of discharging adjustment

And for jaw crusher of discharging adjustment, the Great Wall heavy industry according to the 20 years of development and production experience for everyone under this method of adjusting the material mouth. As is known to all, jaw crusher the lining of the board with using the time with the increase of the wear continuously, make row ore mouth become big and the granularity of product coarsens, so in order to get to meet the requirements of particle size, adjust the row of ore mouth (namely the material mouth) feet inch is necessary, mainly in the following two methods to adjust: First, the thrust of the bearing plate after a back and put a wall frame between group gaskets, through the increase or decrease in the number of gasket, change to adjust the thickness of the ore.

This method regulation and reliable, the structure compact, is big, medium-sized jaw crusher commonly used the material regulation method. Second, adjustment on the back seat and frame thrust board between the two wedge block, this method is suitable for small crusher discharging the adjustment. In addition, the triple gem also produce a cone crusher, hydraulic cone crusher, broken, counterattack impact crusher and so on a series of high quality and primary jaw crusher, stone crusher plant, cone hydraulic round the always all is the company products sell like hot cakes, about more products information technology, the triple gem will last for everyone who answer meguiar's confused, and strive to customers buy the rest assured, buy satisfaction.

Engaged in mine machinery industry people know, jaw crusher is crushing and screening points and all kinds of application of the commonly used sanbao cone crusher equipment production line, widely used in mining, building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy, etc, and the triple gem jaw crusher is broken, and production than big granularity material, high efficiency and environmental protection, operation convenient maintenance and low cost, etc.