Automatic control for dental applications

A dental shadowless lamp includes a control system adapted to control operation of a light source within the dental lamp. The control system requires that an unexpended light guide including a recordable medium be coupled to a led dental lamp head of the dental lamp, in order to illuminate the light source. The control system records a first data signal on the recordable medium during illumination of the light source indicating that the light guide has been expended. The control system also records a second data signal onto a second recordable medium so that a particular duration of use of the light source may be indicated.
In order to achieve effective activation of dental whitening compounds and effective curing of dental compressor composite materials, the whitening compounds and/or composite materials may be illuminated with light of an appropriate intensity andwavelength, for an appropriate duration, so as to receive the an overall desired energy level. Also, because light wavelengths that are most effective for chemical activation of a teeth whitening compound or curing composite may be deleterious to softtissues, it is desirable to minimize the exposure of a patient's gums, tongue, facial skin and other soft tissues to the light source. Therefore, properly controlling the duration and intensity of the applied light is desirable in dental whitening andcuring applications.