Professional good led dental lamp portable

Teeth whitening light dental compressor Bleaching System Tooth professional whitener good led dental Lamp Portable more info follow link: www. dental-compressor. com teeth whitening light specifications 1 . the teeth whitening light easy to read and use control panel 2 . Audible timer countdown about this teeth whitening light 3. Total hours used recorded on timer for excellent inventory control 4. About the Lightweight and sturdy, the teeth whitening light for superior maneuverability 5. Wheeled base disassembles in minutes for easy transport 6. the teeth whitening light have superior technology for unsurpassed reliability 7. Two Pairs of safety glasses included 8. Stylish aluminum wheeled case protects and carries all parts of the light during transport teeth whitening light advantage: 1 . The high- intensity blue light of our advanced cool light technology from holland is 2-8 times more effective then other teeth whitening systems to ensure that you get perfectly white teeth in a short time. 2 . The specific wavelength accelerates the oxidization process and will quickly achieve white teeth. 3. The semiconductor light source will thoroughly prevent the disadvantage of halogen and harmful UV light and achieve truly luminescent whitening. The semiconductor has a guaranteed long life(over 50000 hours). 4. The LED head unit has a unique design, the light source has a wide range and the light comes in at a perfect angle and radiates fully and uniformly.