Fence to layout environmental protection

First, we have to care the nets slice is how LanWang, usually mesh is made of different specification welded wire, wire the diameter and strength directly affect the quality of the mesh, should choose in choose silk is produce by normal manufacturer of high quality of finished out of wire rod; Second is of the mesh welding or prepare process, it is to look at the main technical personnel and good production machinery of the skilled technology and between operation ability, usually good mesh is each welding or prepare point can be good connection. Some of the regular anping stainless steel thumb screw production companies, are using automatic welding machine to production, and the small plant is used together with manual welding, quality assurance is usually very. The second is to pay attention: hulanwang framework of the choice, some regular companies are using Angle steel and round steel, but in different parts of the selection of hot-rolled steel and should be different.

Third, the whole of the barbecue wire mesh of the grasp of the coating process, in general, the whole of the products should be paid attention to the uniform coating degree, and it is also the coating quality also is very important. Above three, and choose the high quality product is the basic conditions for the fence, as the above methods, to buy high quality products everybody's heart was basically a bottom, in hebei province Rong gold after united of nets class products Co., LTD. Will also introduce fence installation related knowledge.

Bridge fence network using low carbon steel wire, aluminum and magnesium alloys overbraided wire welding and into. On both sides of the bridge is mainly used for protection, protective effects, and the products the peach type column, double circle, wave wave, bilateral hulanwang, series product has the professional body easily, modelling novel net, beautiful, durable characteristic.

Nets piece of the efficient jinsu, particularly suitable for bridge hulanwang, ten years antirust disassembling convenient, repeated use sex good, can according to need more fencing to layout of environmental protection product, ultimately may be recycled. How to choose the high quality of the products is many users yuancheng wire mesh fence in the face of a problem for the experienced purchasers, it doesn't consider as what, for a newcomer this but is not very good master, we know that the high quality, rail barrier nets to select material is very important, the stand or fall of material directly influences the quality of the products and use fixed number of year, which relates to whether the products can reach use fixed number of year, mass whether the standards.