Consulting exchange of powder coatings technology progress on master

In developing the recent northwest guozhen wanxin powder coating equipment information in the process of investigation linked to the domestic powder coating senior expert, the powder coating and coating technology ", and the north, industrial design of the original coating the secretary of the party committee, Mr. RenZhi performs south. In the company leadership gracious invitation, July 16, RenZhi south Mr For technical communication to my company, group vice President LuoZhiHe, northwest chemical WenLiXin, the chairman total manager ChengYongNing, deputy chief porter, LiHuaMing and powder coating Co., science and technology development staff attended the exchange meeting.more:

South RenZhi visited the company Mrkci powder gun spare parts production line, listen to the powder coating production, technology and market of after the introduction, the requirements of customer recognition and service, test method, production the problems to be pay attention to, the combination of cooperation and leaders further communication, suggested that I first key development company with aluminum powder coating market, pays attention to the cultivation of their technical development and maintenance team, and configuration of the necessary product testing equipment, in order to improve the competitiveness of their products. Finally, in the leadership of the company invite, south total agreed to serve as the powder coating material I technical adviser. According to industry trends and market feedback, the leaders put forward the powder coating for future to high performance, environmental protection, function direction of structure adjustment of product is an important component of the requirement of manual powder coating system industry completely know.

Science and technology development department received task, immediately organize the personnel of a powder coating market, technology developing situation of meticulous research, through the help of the industry association will learn to get the power of the industry, authoritarian data, and the market data carried on the detailed analysis; Through the and industry experts consultation exchange of powder coatings technology progress on master, in just one week formed words of powder coatings industry research report, for the company decision provides strong data support.