Dental Compressors For Healthy Dental Care

A dental compressor is a device that compresses gases or air for use with hand-piece dental tools that are air-driven. Many devices used in dentistry require this type of equipment. Drills, burs, and polishers can be air-driven. This type of mechanical drive provides for smoother operation without stalls or delays or, even worse power surges.
One place to look for good dental compressors and other dental supplies is a company called Junwei Medical. They can be found on the internet at The website is most helpful with assisting in the selection of a dental compressor that is right for your dental practice. 
You may also find other dental equipment that would be useful. Crystal Medical offers the most practical payment and rental plans that will allow a dental practice to obtain all of the most advanced dental equipment.
There are variable specifications for the different models of dental air compressors. Beginning with the Sigma 30ltr/mn Silent Dental Compressor. This model is titled with the code, 031C and has a power supply of 220V/110V at 50Hz/60Hz. The power is 0.7HP. Noise level is rather low, rated at 58dB. The maximum pressure is 0.75Mpa with a start-up pressure of 0.5Mpa. All of this is included with a 30 liter capacity.