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Press head assembly for concrete pipe making machine

A press head assembly for a concrete pipe making machine includes a head that is not released onto a concrete pipe form, but instead remains on the press head assembly after forming the spigot end of a concrete pipe.

Automated pipe making machine

The automated pipe making machine of the invention utilizes an automatic feeding system in which a feed tray and its feed pan are mounted on a carrier that moves from a retracted position into a feeding position where the feed tray is aligned with and locked to the pan at the top of the form or forms to be filled.

Pipe snapper machine and method

A method for assembling sheet metal pipes, and a pipe making machine for carrying out the method which comprises assembling a pipe from a preformed pipe blank into a finished pipe without permanently deforming the pipe blank material.

Packerhead pipe making machine

A pipe making machine having two packer heads operable to simultaneously make two concrete pipes. A pair of jackets mounted on a turntable are located in vertical alignment with two packer heads. A gear box mounted on a cross head is connected to downwardly directed shafts operable to rotate the packer heads.

Vibration system for concrete pipe making machine

A vibration system for concrete pipe making machine which system utilizes a precisely manufactured inner mold core that contains mounting surfaces for two coupling shaft bearings and two electric vibrators. The bearing mounting surfaces are accurately located with respect to the electric vibrator mounting surfaces to allow the mold core to become the vibration structure.

Pipe Making Machine description

First appeared active in the chocolate, Pipe Making Machine the traditional Indians in Mexico started in a cocoa-containing foods, it tastes bitter and spicy. Later, from the 16th century, the Spaniards let chocolate "sweet" together, they're going to be mixing powered cocoa and spices rolling around in its juice, turn out to be sweet drinks. For mass creation of chocolate, chocolate molds that they are shipped out.

Concrete pipe making machine

A concrete pipe making machine having a combined vibrating core and counter rotating packerhead assembly is used with a mold to prepack and vibrate concrete within the mold to produce concrete pipe.

Traveling steel pipe cutting machine of milling type

The known traveling steel pipe making machine of a milling type, which cuts a pipe while traveling in synchronism with a pipe manufacturing speed, is improved so as to facilitate the calculation of positional loci and the control of a milling cutter, to increase a rigidity of the tube mill machine and a li

Seamless tube mill

The seamless tube mill is directed to a process and a mill installation for the production of seamless tubes of high quality, in production mills having relatively modest production requirements. The mill installation comprises a cross roll piercing mill for piercing and initially elongating a solid cylindrical billet. 

High speed attachment for milling machines

A variable speed pipe making machine attachment, and a method for its use, that is efficiently configured for minimal reduction of the spindle-to-table distance of a steel tube mill, such as the well-known Bridgeport miller, and which when attached to a


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